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706 Seating Group searched to combine their office and warehouse functions into one building where they could expand their business for years to come.



Next Level acquired a plot on industrial terrain Zevenhuis in Hoorn, where a 4.350 m² logistics centre will be built.



An all-electric, future proof development that improves storage efficiency, communication efficiency and provides the space for 706 Seating Group to continue their expansion.

706 Seating Group Hoorn

3.610 m²

750 m²


Build to suit

706 Seating Group

706 Seating Group, originally located in the south of the city Hoorn chose the newly built industrial terrain Zevenhuis, north of Hoorn, as their place for business for the next years to come. This building will host all of the inbound and outbound flows of products for 706 worldwide.


We develop a 2.860 m² warehouse, directly connected to 750 m² of expedition space, above which 750 m² of office space will be built. The entire development is based on an all-electric and sustainable approach. The building process commenced at the end of March 2019 and will be delivered by October first 2019.


A high quality, flexible and sustainable industrial building, that will house the growing needs of 706 Seating Group for years to come. It will provide a well-lit and energetic workspace for all of its building users as well as being a beautiful landmark in this phase of the development of industrial terrain Zevenhuis.

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