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The masterplan for the site in Sittard required additional space for production, storage of temperature controlled ingredients and bulk storage for finished product.



A two stage plan was developed on the selected 2 brownfield locations, connecting the 2 plots to the existing manufacturing site and creating a modular future proof facility.



The existings old buildings in use where re-developed into a new XXL state-of-art warehouse and production building. The development took place in 2 phases to secure the continuity of the 24/7 operation.

Refresco Sittard

27.500 m²

1.500 m²


Build to suit

About Refresco


The Refresco Group is Europe’s largest manufacturer of soft drinks and fruit juices. The business unit Refresco Benelux manufactures products for leading retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium and for national and international A-brands. Refresco additionally produce a diverse range of drinks under our own brand for the export markets of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The head office of Refresco Benelux is located in Maarheeze, The Netherlands.



BREEAM Accreditation

Next Level always strives to achieve the highest sustainability ratings possible per project. In this case we are aiming at are BREEAM Very Good certificate once the entire project has been completed. In the meantime we would like to inform you about the BREEAM process of phase 1 and 2 and the case studies we have done for the Management accreditation of BREEAM.

Timeline development for BREEAM Accreditation

Start phase 1 (September 2018)


This project is our first brownfield development. When we acquired the plot first thing was to start deconstructing the first part of Refresco’s old supplies warehouse. During this demolishing process, a temporary industrial tent was placed to keep the supply chain of existing production up and running.

During this time groundworks had begun, but were soon delayed for months due to archaeological findings. Only after dealing with these finding appropriately, in January 2019 the contractor was able to start the building of hall 2, future home of a brand new bottling line. With the structure of hall 2 in place, construction could begin on hall 1, the new supplies warehouse with cooled storage facility.

(published september 2019)


Completion phase 1 (September 2019)


In May of 2019 the building of hall 2 was ready enough to start the construction of the industrial liquid-proof flooring and the installation of the new bottling line. The contractor moved on to finish hall 1 so the installation of the industrial cooling equipment and completion of the sprinkler systems could commence. Both halls were delivered on schedule. After completion of this first phase, it was time to deconstruct the industrial tent that had been used as temporary warehouse. This gave way for the preparation of phase 2 of this development.

(published september 2019)


Start phase 2 (September 2019)


To start the building of the second phase, which comprises a 20.000 m² warehouse, first the last remaining part of the old supplies storage building has to be demolished. After this, excavations for foundations can commence, followed by the laying of the foundations and the steel construction.

Delivery is expected by then end of 2019.

(published october 2019)

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